Decoding the Name (And Why I Am Blogging)

Being the rational, overthinking type of person I am when I decided to start another blog I went looking for a good quote to get me going. I stumbled across this one from G.K. Chesterton which fit perfectly with what I had in mind:

“A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.” – G.K. Chesterton, The Everlasting Man, 1925

As a Christian who takes her faith very seriously and one who has studied the basics of Western ideas this is a fundamental point: that life is meant to be examined and contemplated, not merely lived without a thought for what it all means. Thus, to go ‘against the stream’ is to strive to live a life that is not simply normal and the usual, but which attempts to make the best use of what has been given and seeks to live well.

So it is with the Christian life as well. The goal of our eternal life, a life perfectly united with Christ and existing fully as we were meant to before the Fall, is there, but life and its troubles often moves us away from it unless we make a deliberate effort to think and live contrary to what the world expects. In writing this blog, then, I am going to attempt to examine the moving toward our goal, against the world and the stream of mere existing on earth. To this end I have chosen a few key subjects to focus on in my writing and they include: applied theology, young Catholicism, married life, depression and mental health, atypical living and my varied attempts to examine life and live well.

I’m treating this blog as a kind of experiment in living and will chronicle my efforts to examine my life and live in response to my Father and my faith. Life has not been easy for me and I have struggled (and still struggle) immensely with myself, my faith and this world. However, I hope and pray that writing and attempting to examine life more closely will help not only me, but perhaps other people as well.


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