A Bit About Me

Trying to sum myself up in a few words seems like a futile endeavor. It is very hard to pick the things about myself I see as most important.

However, an attempt: I am female, 19 years old, Anglican Rite Catholic, and got married to a lovely man on July 18, 2015.

I was born in England and moved to Canada aged two. My family was military (more about that later) and we were frequently relocated. Partly because of this, my younger brother and I were homeschooled, me for my entire pre-post-secondary academic life. In September 2013 I returned to one of our former homes, Ottawa, Ontario, to do the Augustine College one year liberal arts program, which was amazing and awesome and set me on a very different path than the one I expected to take.

After my year there, during which I met the aforementioned lovely man, I settled in Ottawa and started working as a nanny and studying part-time at Dominican University College. I was proposed to (with a book!) in January 2015 and we were married seven months later.

My life has been short, but a lot has happened in it besides the good things of the last two years. My family life in particular has made me grow up very quickly, as years of dealing with deployments and moving from base to base thrust a lot of responsibility on me. Things were certainly not ideal and it is only after counseling that I am unraveling and trying to understand the patterns of behaviour I learned. In addition to this, I have struggled with bouts of depression for much of my life and it has been in trying to regulate my life more and actively attempt to be happier and more level in mood that I first began to think about blogging again.

I live an odd life these days: a mixture of solitude, frantic activity, inner criticism, work, acedia (google it) and depression and great joy. I like to spend time with my husband, read, think, draw, write, walk, bake, clean, stare at walls and generally be creative. Amid all this, I think blogging will be helpful for me in getting my thoughts down on (virtual) paper as well as putting myself a challenge, and possibly the blog will be helpful for other people as well, should anyone actually read it.

I also like books (both reading and collecting them), English tea, dark chocolate, winter, knitting socks, a good rain shower, dark beer, white wine, words, A Room With A View, ‘Ace of Spades’ by Motorhead, The Who and Mod fashion. I dance when no one is watching, sing in a choir, organise things for fun, avoid people, do counselling (as in be counselled, not counsel others) and generally mope around, which is probably a sign that I should do something a bit more exciting now and then and maybe get out more (if only in the Internet blog world).

That all being said, I’d like to strive to live my life not as one who follows the stream of normality, but examines and lives her life well. I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle a lot with life and especially with the challenge of living well. Therefore, a good part of this blog will be devoted to examining life and seeking to live well in every aspect: from faith and theology to day-to-day life, thinking healthily, eating and praying.


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