Poem: Icons

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Icons sit on my bookshelf,

Christ, His Mother and St. John,

The golden-tongued preacher,

Mary, Mother of our God.

Their eyes are always watching,

Their faces hold no fear.

Their bodies are unflinching,

Their holiness is here.

I see Christ-likeness in them,

Aspire to understand.

Aspire to know and follow

The Way they steadfast trod.

Christ is present through them

Though I know they are not real.

But real-ness of the holy

Is represented well.

I cannot see it truly,

My heart is yet unformed

But on my bookshelf sitting are

Holy Mary, John, and our Lord.

Icons are an interesting topic to tackle and I’m going to do a proper post on them sometime, however, for now here’s a little background to put Icons into context.

Traditionally, an icon is seen as a depiction of a saint as a true person, someone through whom we can see Christ. It has also been said that icons are ‘windows into heaven’ because they show people as they are supposed to be – filled with the Spirit and following Christ. They are venerated and respected (not worshipped) due to the way in which they show the presence of Christ in human beings and because they remind us how we ought to live. People have them in their homes as a way to remember how they ought to live in Christ as children of God.


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