Friday Series: Cooking With Less

Next Friday I’m going to be starting a little series about cooking healthy and cheap food. However, this is Against the Stream, so my “spin” on this oft blogged topic is Fridays as days of abstinence and what that really means.

For those of you who don’t know, Catholics traditionally give up (abstain from) meat on Fridays, remembering Good Friday and Christ’s crucifixion and preparing for Sunday and the celebration of the resurrection. In my Anglican Use Catholic parish we take this seriously and are asked to observe Fridays as ‘days of fasting and abstinence from flesh and fowl in remembrance of the passion of our Lord’. I’m not the best at remembering His passion on Fridays or cooking without meat, so often I don’t, but it is a habit, both culinary and spiritual, that I’d like to get into.

The point of giving up meat specifically is that, historically and presently, it is often fairly expensive, and by not spending money on meat but choosing to eat eat simply, you are supposed (in theory) to give more to God and to the poor. This tradition is often forgotten or bypassed these days, but I would like to bring some perspective to it and offer up a few ideas both for easy, cheap meals and for how we can practically apply theology to our lives.

Obviously, Fridays are my first choice for the day on which to do this, but does anyone out there on the Interwebs have any questions, comments or suggestions? I’m still pretty new to this and would welcome ideas before I publish the first one next Friday. 😀



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