Poem: My Cross


My day may have been pleasant, an easy burden to bear,

Until an evening darkness brings shadows everywhere.

My cross descends to crush me; I cannot stir and rise.

My cross down heavily drags me, and sadness clouds my eyes.


I yearn to wrest the cross into the fire,

See it burn and leave it far behind.

Rest easily at sunset; rise at dawn.

I try and strive to put it down,

Leave it, my life and time to own.


Take I cross again and heavily it goes,

But unknown hands help heave and it is up!

My new cross is borne by other hands than mine,

One who daily bears the burden, drinks the cup

Of suffering He knows well, still chooses wine.


I yearned to throw my cross to fire,

‘Stead took it up, look’d not behind.

Might not rest at sunset; rise at dawn.

But for His sake ne’er put it down,

Leave Me, Him life and time to own.



4 thoughts on “Poem: My Cross

  1. In the first stanza I was trying to express the feeling of feeling OK, but then encountering depression, like ‘an evening darkness’. The first iteration of the chorus-type part talks about the yearning of wanting to be rid of the burden , for me of mental illness, and to be in charge again. The turn comes in the third stanza, where the unseen hands of ‘the One’, who chooses to suffer for us, take over and carry the weight. The last stanza is echoing the second, and speaks of also choosing the harder path and accepting difficulty in order to emulate Him and allow Him to direct ‘life and time’.

    I wrote this one a little while ago when I was thinking about what my class had discussed about the ‘Take up your cross daily’ passage in Mark 8 and what it means for the Christian. I’m hoping to write a post about this, but the poem was a sort of ‘first response’ to what emerged for me, especially as I struggle with being depressed.

    Hope that helps!


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