Thanksgiving Thoughts


After a blazing hot and rather humid summer it is finally Autumn up here in The Great White North! Out come sweaters, scarves, tea mugs and weirdly pumpkin-flavoured items. Down come yellow, red, orange and brown leaves. On goes the central heating and memories of last winter resurface, only to be pushed aside in favour of idealised Fall thoughts. And, after all this begins, comes Thanksgiving.

Being of British extraction, Thanksgiving wasn’t a big deal when I was growing up. Sure, we celebrated it as a day off and watched in wonder as our Canadian friends produced meals that seemed like facsimiles of the Christmas one a few months away. We often went hiking or canoeing, skipping over the supposedly essential extended family get-together. We may have come up with some kind of list of things we were thankful for, but it wasn’t something we took very seriously.

Looking back over the last few years, however, Thanksgiving has become somewhat more important as I leave my family of origin to start my own. It is a milestone in the year that presents us with an opportunity to remember the blessings and changes of the year past. We are looking forward to winter and the Church year starting over with Advent, but also back at what we have reaped from the time we have already had. With about two and a half months of the year left, it can be a time for enumerating and honouring what has taken place in our lives, good and bad. Looking ahead to beginning my own family with my HusBen, I hope we will be able to take the time at Thanksgiving to remember our past, but also look to our future.

My Thanksgivings For 2015

  • My marriage to HusBen
  • Good physical health for us both
  • The opportunity that depression has given me to examine my life and learn how to live well
  • Free healthcare and affordable medication and therapy
  • A home
  • Enough food
  • The peaceful passings of my paternal Grandmother and maternal Grandfather
  • Jobs for us both with fair wages
  • Education and the opportunity to learn
  • A good church family
  • Friends, new and old
  • A peaceful country
  • Books
  • God (and the faith to trust Him)

~ AliceĀ 


An Update

So, posts on Wednesday and Friday, eh? Hahahaha… That was a good idea, but life has other plans apparently!

I did run into technical difficulties, when a little while ago my long-suffering laptop developed a problem with its power cord hole (the technical term, I believe) and I had to take it, along with my draft posts and planning sheets, to a trained professional. That stalled me for a bit, but was I defeated? Actually, yes, for a little while I was.

I want to be completely honest on my blog, especially about mental health, so here’s the big blog block: the last month or so has been pretty hard for me. Now, that may seem like a poor excuse – after all, everyone has hard days, hard weeks even, why should that stop a serious writer from writing a slip of a blog? – but for where I am at the moment a few hard weeks are debilitating. In fact, they landed me in a hospital ER briefly and back in weekly counselling sessions again. Some day I will do a mental health recap and it will be more apparent what this signifies for me, but suffice it to say the last few weeks have been super rough and blogging has been the last thing I have the strength to do. I guess if anything were to keep me from blogging about mental health it would be a run-in with my own mental health though. O_o

However, with the revelations of my hospital trip (which include adjustments to medication [Yay!] and some other helpful things) and being back in counselling, things are looking up a little more than they were. In addition, my HusBen* has been wonderfully supportive and has taken, and continues to take, great care of me through all of the few ups and many (and deep) downs. I know what I would do without him, and it isn’t good.

Anyway, I suppose what I’m trying to say is that life is tough sometimes and it is really easy to get discouraged and worn out and to think that there’s no point to anything, but, for now, I am still alive and writing. Perhaps optimistically I am still shooting for Wednesdays and Fridays as post days, but we’ll see how things go, I guess!

*This is what my husband decided he would like to be called on my blog. It is one of our ridiculous pet names for him for no other reason than his name is Ben and he is my husband.