In the Beginning…

So, it turns out that starting a blog is really hard! It has been more than a month since I got things rolling and only now am I actually seriously writing a post. Mind you, it has been a crazy busy summer, what with getting married and all…

Anyway, this is where things really start with this blog. You can read about me and about why I am blogging in the pages at the top of the site, but this is THE FIRST POST!! I am going to be (or at least trying to be) writing twice a week on subjects including, but not limited to: theology, practical Christianity, depression and mental health, marriage, young woman-dom, my attempts to live well and the various things going on in my own life. There may also be occasional smatterings of poetry and satire, depending on the whim of the Muse.

My first big announcement in that vein is that I am going back to school! When I started the blog I really wasn’t expecting to be going back to post-secondary studies after my year off, but hopefully this will be a good thing and get my brain working again (and hopefully this will be reflected in my writing!). I did a one year program at Augustine College after high school and then have been working for this past year, but I think the time is right to get back to the grindstone. I’ll be working part-time and studying part-time at first, then in January I will be full-time and headed towards a degree majoring in theology (and probably minoring in philosophy too, if my brain can stretch that far)!

I have wanted to keep studying for a while, especially at the college I have chosen, Dominican, because it cultivates both knowledge and faith, a combination which is very helpful for an overthinking person like me. I get hung up on the rational and logical side of things far too easily and it helps to have that other dimension emphasized as well, especially to remind me about what is truly important.

And that leads me to an integral struggle for me.

There is something about the quest for knowledge that I love. Perhaps it is a sense of tangible growth, the fact that it is gained through a combination of studying, books, lectures, reflection and asking questions, or maybe it is just satisfying for its own sake. It certainly feels good to know things about this world and its history and ideas – but that is rather prideful and I think this might be where things get tricky for me.

I have begun to learn the hard way that gaining knowledge does not guarantee gaining wisdom as well. They are, in fact, two very different animals. The pursuit, and it is most definitely an active pursuit, of wisdom holds as its goal the beatific vision, or in more Christian terms, the culmination of everything into a direct knowing of, and communion with, God. It has been spoken of as the final end of a Christian – to experience God fully revealed, infinite and perfect.

Real wisdom, not knowledge, is the key, the signpost that points to what is truly important in life. For me it can be very easy to get so caught up in life, trivial things and learning in order to gain knowledge alone that I can forget what I’m really supposed to be doing here: seeking and cultivating what is good, beautiful, true and wise, looking for God and His presence and looking forward to what is to come. Hopefully I will be able to integrate some of what I am learning into blogging and be able to share some of my experiences as I try to live well.